Video by Brenna Murphy

Updated May 10, 2012


June 21, 2012 - Chapel Performance Space - Seattle, WA - Spare Death Icon, Bee Mask & Matt Carlson (Presented by Gift Tapes, Debacle Records and The Wayward Music Series)

June 22, 2012 - The Northern - Olympia, WA - Spare Death Icon, Bee Mask & Matt Carlson

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Relaxation Music Split
Relaxation music split w/ Charlatan :: no. 106
C42, February 2011, edition of 111
Released on Stunned Records
Available here

Survival :: GT033
C30, March 2011, edition of 200
Released on Gift Tapes
Sample: P.A.C.E.

Air Rings Volume 1
Like A Time Traveler Who Goes Back In Time To Kill His Grandfather (Air Rings Volume 1) :: LTD120
Split w/ Charlatan, Million Mists & Sovetskaya Gone
2 x C40, December 2009, edition of 100
Released on Digitalis
Sample: Chinatown 2099

Highlander/Seahorse :: OMM008
C40, September 2009, edition of 45
Released on OMM
Sample: Highlander (part 2)

Northwind :: GT001
C30, March 2009, edition of 50
Released on Gift Tapes
Sample: In the Wintertime