1. survival
2. quest
3. 1031
4. cloud omen
5. beneath
6. whispers
7. P.A.C.E.
8. ordinance
9. credits

Recorded direct to high bias chrome 4 track cassette tape on a Tascam 464 at 3 1/2 IPS using DBX noise reduction. Mixed to Tascam 112mkII using Dolby B noise reduction.

Instruments: Roland SH101, Roland Juno 106, Multimoog, Micromoog, Ensoniq ESQ-1, Ensoniq EPS, 5U/MU Modular, Tama TS305 Techstar, Kawai R-100, Casio RZ-1, Boss DR-110, Alesis MMT-8, Akai ME-20 A, Moog CP-251, & effects.

All music by JEA. Seattle, WA. November 2010 to January 2011. Artwork by Brenna Murphy.